Gibson ES-235



The Gibson ES-235 is a modern take on the ES-125 classic, it was produced only for a couple of years in 2019-2020 in the Memphis factory and then discontinued.

I picked this up near Utrecht, it was stringed with 0.09’s and the action was kind of high (neck tension relief was too low). Some of the upper frets had some marks on the fingerboard. The neck joint glue job was a little messy too.

The work performed:

  • adjusted neck tension to make it very flat
  • treated fingerboard as it was very dry
  • restringed with 0.10’s
  • lowered bridge to what the nut will allow for smallest action

Neck is a fat C-shape that’s typical of some Gibsons. It has a nice jazz-rock sound through my Rumble amp, the Burstbucker Pro pickups are well suited for different styles.