SB-461 (BassCollection)

This is an SB-461 BassCollection (made by Japanese SGC Nanyo in the ’90s). I picked it up 2nd hand and the seller was nice enough to drive it to my house from Almere. The following adjustments had to be made:

  • Strings removed
  • Brass nut removed and re-glued
  • Nut slots reworked
  • Fretboard cleaned and oiled
  • Body cleaned and oiled
  • Neck tension adjusted (too much relief)
  • Knob screws tightened

Its character is of a custom bass, light-bodied, very responsive and a slightly nasal quality on the jazz bridge pickup. Downsides can be the active electronics, and I’ve noticed some spots on the neck have slightly lower volume (it might depend on string types).

Bass Collection Bass Catalog (1995)

All the hallmarks of the original Bass Collection flagship design are in place… the unique, heel-less, bolt on neck, smooth ebony fingerboard, glamorous walnut body & headstock facings, gold hardware, high density bridge design for maximum sustain and active twin band electronics.

  • Soft Maple back with Walnut or Padauk body & headstock facings
  • 3-piece, slim profile maple neck
  • 24 Fret, ebony fingerboard
  • Gold Hardware (Gotoh)
  • 2 Band Active EQ

Throughout the late 80’s and 90’s, The Bass Centre in the UK was the main dealer for The Bass Collection range. Although no longer produced, BassCollection still has a very active user group on Facebook.