Seagull SM6

This guitar was bought new in the early 90’s in LA. It traveled with me to Santa Cruz for a couple of years, to Portugal, to Boston, and finally to Amsterdam where it’s mostly been at my daughter’s for the last 3 years. It’s got a mahogany body and neck and a cedar top. The only defect was a slight amount of top lift behind the bridge but not affecting its performance, and the normal wear and tear scratches. I finally got around to restoring a few things:

  • the whole body, neck and fingerboard needed cleaning
  • two nut slots needed to be filled with epoxy and reshaped
  • string posts tightened
  • saddle reshaped and lowered a tiny amount
  • frets recrowned and polished
  • a small hole in the top lacquer filled with super glue
  • strung with Gibson Super Ultra Lights 10s (Phosphor Bronze)