Elioth Strat (taken apart)


My Elioth Partscaster Strat began with a loaded body I acquired on Marktplaats. It looked to be a new Squire body with low-output Alnico pickups, all the wiring worked fine except the middle tone knob. The tone knobs are known to be faulty on a lot of Squire models, that’s how I figured this must be a pertaining model.The tremolo bridge actually had more massive saddles than on the USA Fenders.

I then located a thin maple neck (very thin C profile) with matte finish and a set of Grover tuners. Elioth was a little-known Japanese brand that produced Strat clones/parts, I could not find much info on them. However the neck holds up very well after I made some adjustments:

  • Shaved down the neck mount to get the proper scale – this neck was a tad longer in the heel than on standard Strat
  • Some of the nut slots were grooved too deep – filled with epoxy resin and reshaped the slots
  • The neck fitting was poor and a little angled, I re-drilled the holes larger and planted massive screw inserts for larger hex nut screws – it’s solid tight and perfectly parallel now
  • Replaced the very sharp saddle screws
  • Recrowned the frets and polished them
  • Replaced the tremolo bar for a better angle
  • Adjusted next tension and intonation

For less than the price of a Squire, I now have a fully functional Partscaster! ;;;-))))

Some of these schematics helped me go over the wiring.